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The Story

I was born and raised in Japan where I have always had a passion for fashion and textiles. I graduated from Bunka Fashion College in 1996 where I had been designing clothes for many years and was awarded a prize called So-en (So-en is famed for its excellent features on new exciting trends, Japan’s top fashion districts Harajuku, Aoyama and Daikanyama as well as fashion designers in Japan and the rest of the world).

Through my experiences I have learned and discovered many ways in which to appeal to the design world. I worked for a Japanese manufacturer called Inoue Pleats Co.Ltd. Working for seven years in the processing and fabrication of textiles has given me in depth knowledge and experience within the making of textiles. I have now been independent for six years and have been developing my own designs, materials and processes. Accessories are designed primarily with cloth, therefore the original textiles themselves form an initial and main source of my inspiration. My creativity emerged from the idea of crumpling up a piece of paper and throwing it away. This has enabled me to do the same with my fabrics. I am therefore able to design both the texture of the fabrics as well as the prints I use on top. I aim to create the best materials and to match them with the high quality prints and surface textures.
To do this I am simply treating the fabrics as if they were paper, once they have been crumpled, I then print my patterns. By using this process, when my scarves are stretched, the patterns become distorted and create beautiful abstractions within the accessory.

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Yasuyuki Machida’s collection began with a crumpled piece of paper. After considering the ways this act of crumpling paper completely changes its texture and function, Yasuyuki set out to apply those…
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