Windsurfing Gold plated Silver necklace Silver necklace Pearl and drops for magical moments Golfer's Brooch -A silver Brooche of a golf player Golfer's Brooch -A silver Brooche of a golf player Gold Drops of Jupiter Gold Golfer's Brooch Yael & Tal

The design team behind Yael & Tal create jewelry collections that aim to emulate photography in a certain sense. Designers Yael Serfaty and Tal Salomon are keen observers of people and how they interact with the world at large, and these observations led them to develop a collection that aims to preserve quiet moments. “The idea of commemorating the moment brings us closer to our emotions,” the designers say. With the entire world in the midst of an obsession with sports (presumably you’ve heard a thing or two about the 2012 Olympics?), the team decided to work on a sporty collection, one that captures the peak of athletic excellence. “[This series] perpetuates magical moments and posses a small world full of achievements, highs, thrills and more.” Golf, windsurfing and running are commemorated in this collection and there’s even a gold medal, which reads: “Per Ardua Ad Alta,” meaning “Through hard work, great heights are achieved.” We think this adage reaches far beyond athletics.

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