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The Story

“According to Oscar Wilde, one should either be a work of art or wear one. Live up to his lofty standards with scarves by Wrq.e.d.” Daily Candy.
Wrq.e.d is a new accessories label that merges contemporary art with design and craftsmanship. Wrq.e.d scarves are like expensive scents - best described in a musical metaphor as having three sets of notes, making the harmonious scent accord. The notes unfold over time, as do the colours and the story. The beautiful creations by Wrq.e.

d are enticingly feminine accessories, which will always have a favourite, personalised feel.
Wrqed was founded in London by Ekaterina Demidova, a young awarded designer, recipient of Italian Fashion Chamber award amongst others and graduate of London College of Fashion. Ekaterina has previously worked for Alexander McQueen and Giles and their influence is clearly evident in the modern, graphic tones of the designs as well as her passionate attention to detail. In fact, detail is Ekaterina’s muse. Various parts of the collages are so intricately woven together, that the designs feel more like words telling a story.
Ekaterina's dedication to research of her design subjects, be it Cvetaeva's verses or the mood of Le Penseur, lets her create fluent works of art, true and genuine in their interpretation. The Wrq.e.d brand was born as a curated collaboration with the up and coming artists, their sketchbooks, research and creative journey.

“When poetic writing meets captivating visuals, the impact is enormous. I am attracted to the work of London based Wrq.e.d who merge contemporary art with the finest materials to create the beautiful scarves” Fashion156.
“Printed scarf by Wrqed is an example of a fashion piece that in itself comprises an art, a story, a wearable trendy item that is totally unique” Natasha Coote, stylist Boutique@Home

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Designer spotlight

With names like Alexander McQueen and Zaha Hadid on their resumes, the designers behind wrq.e.d have a lot to prove. Yet there is no doubt wrq.e.d is carving out a space in the world of accessories. Founded...
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