White Horse Trading Co.

Rocky Mountains, United States Rocky Mountains, United States

The Story

White Horse Trading Company has one simple belief: quality goods can and ought to be made in the USA. We take great pride in American ingenuity and craftsmanship. To that end, all of our wears are hand made by an American artisan with decades of experience. Cut, sewn, finished and packaged every step of the way right here in the good ‘ol USA. Our wears age gracefully and gain character with every use. Satisfaction guaranteed.Our approach to neckwear specifically is a little different.

We believe that by using more utilitarian fabrics such as duck cloth, denim, linen and wool, a tie can be worn gracefully to just about any occasion. With heavy influences from American Heritage brands and traditional Navajo art and trade blankets, our wares can keep pace with a board room, the hunting field, a bomber jacket and boots, or even a finely tailored suit. Express your rugged side with ease.

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