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The Story

Vlum, voluminous jewels light as a feather... Graphic and pure, these jewels are made using tubular weavings. Fine nylon thread tubes are associated to create various marriages of colors, then shaped thanks to an exclusive handmade craft process. The multitude of forms created, gives rise to treelike compositions where volume, light and lightness return the illusion of fragility.

The designer Dorine Decayeux, freshly awarded from the school Dupérré (Paris), designs and makes the models in her Parisian studio. Her aspiration? Let express itself the material more than ever, to pull it forms always more surprising...

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Jewelry designer Dorine Decayeux’s jewels are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Her graphic and tubular jewelry is the result of experiments with volume and materials. She studied textile design and…
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On the blog

  • Piece I Love - May 9th

    Handpicked by Kiyan I love how VLUM's work is inspired by organic and volumetric shapes (which is where the brand's name comes from). This bracelet...
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  • Fresh Talent Alert - April 5th

    Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique designers for Boticca. Vlum Vlum creates graphically striking, lightweight jewelry in...
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