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Treat your old coat to a new scarf for an instant update and a little extra warmth.

The Story

STRING THEORY is a partnership between two Canadian textile designers: Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price. Our luxury scarves and shawls are made from fabrics that we design and produce in low runs with the help of small North American mills. Knit and woven with top quality yarns such as baby alpaca and merino, these luxury fabrics are a pleasure to wear.

As constructed textile designers, we work with the math and physics of fibres, yarns, knitting and weaving to develop structure, pattern and texture. Consequently, we are attracted to and inspired by patterns and structures observed in the built and natural world and those that emerge through the organization of information. The name STRING THEORY is borrowed from a theory of physics that says the world is made of vibrating strings.
Essentially, we are interested in how our world comes together and falls apart and the patterns that occur in the process.

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Designer spotlight

Digital designs, repeat patterns, strict color palettes: String Theory scarves have a style all their own. Designers Meghan Price and Lysanne Latulippe currently work in separate cities (Montreal and Toronto)...
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On the blog

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