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Fukushima, Japan Fukushima, Japan

The Story

My name is Shota Suzuki and I was born and raised here in Japan.
I have had a passion for jewellery right from when I was a child, my favourite place was the jewellery area in the local department store. I learnt traditional Japanese metal work, in particular metal carving and hammering in Tohoku University of Art and Design in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.

While I was at university I realised that whilst I truly enjoyed looking at gorgeous jewellery and jewels in general, I didn't necessarily enjoy making them.I soon became fascinated with Japanese traditional metal work particularly those produced during Edo and Meiji period, Really fine metal decoration techniques are much more beautiful to me than jewels. Apart from Jewellery making, I also practised creating tableware and sculpture to perfect my technique. I graduated from University in 2011 and am currently working as an artist, jewellery maker and creator or objets d'art.
My main motifs are plants in nature, I feel extreme vitality within nature and from wild plants. I am also fascinated with the way in which plants die, somehow I find beauty within this, It is incredible the way plants sprout, bloom and then die, it is so interesting to see every stage of natures life. I like to call this "Nature's Display".
For example, I love when you are walking on the road and you see a single flower blooming on the road, I love the way the wind blows their petals and their leaves from them, and how a water drop falling from a tree into a paddle on the ground, the ripple caused by this is beautiful.I get inspiration from my everyday life, walking along the road, hills or down by the river. I like to treasure and capture within my jewellery, the inspirations of what I actually see and feel in nature. I believe this inspiration and sensitivity are particular to Japanese way of life and I want to value that feeling always.
My jewellery is made using traditional Japanese metal work techniques and uses mainly silver, brass and verdigris for my pieces.

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