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Givat Koah, Israel Givat Koah, Israel

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My obsession with jewelry started with my journey to East Asia. There I fell in love with a small and precise kind of art called goldsmithing. At my return home, in Israel, I started to learn goldsmithing and Jewelry Design.
I graduated from Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design in Ramat-Gan. After graduation, I decided to give up on city life and move to a cooperative settlement located in the north of Israel. I took a big breath and began working on my first collection.

Nature has a significant part in my life and in the way I create.
I love the combinations of urban motives and natural lines, which give my jewels a unique style. This collection was inspired by the caterpillar’s body structure and its mobility, which I find fascinating. I created a link set with different kinds of leather. By adding more and more links and changing the composition, I have created jewels with the ability to move as an independent organism.
Welcome to my private world of creatures…

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“The passion for art and design has always existed in me,” jewelry designer Shanny Alon says. While on a trip to East Asia, Shanny fell in love with gems and the manipulation of metals and decided…
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Designer spotlight

“My first interaction with the firefly caterpillar was a moment of [inner enlightenment] for me,” Shanny Alon says. She fell for this unusual creature (which is often called a glow worm) and ever since,...
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