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Seawolf represents power in one's individuality & expression. There are more to the artefacts than meet the eye, like a cache to hide tiny things or homage to ancient architecture, shape & form in the tiniest of details. I hope the owner will interact with the jewellery on a more personal level this way. Like finding the ins & outs of a new lover or friend when you look a little closer, I hope you grow to love & cherish every Seawolf piece.

Each piece is made with love on a small production scale with social & environmental consciousness. Prototyping is done here in Perth then I take the range to Bali where talented metal smiths work their magic on the production range. I spend quite a bit of time in Bali, overseeing the production process & being so inspired by these talented people.I finished a degree in jewellery design a few years ago and have travelled a lot during and since then. My travels throughout Europe gave me a love of architecture and history which carries on until today. Trekking around Australia gave me a deep resonance with nature which has compelled me to try & tread lightly on this beautiful Earth.Inspiration for Seawolf comes from a variety of sources . My latest range has focussed on parallels between ancient cultures. Myth & legend fascinate me. I think it’s amazing that the human brain began to evolve into conscious thought, which brought complexities to life, like religion and art. We are so lucky some of that creativity was preserved during ages of abundance & peacetime. Different cultures evolved in different ways, depending on their experiences but there are so many similarities which remind you we’re all cut from the same cookie dough! The next range will focus on the cycle of life and death, mankind’s impact on the natural world and it’s profound impact on ours. Most of the prototyping for ‘Cities of Gold’ was made using 3d printing technologies. This allowed me to get some impossible shapes and symmetry. The next range will be predominantly hand-made, taking moulds from organic objects & casting them in resin & metal. The prototyping stage always allows for further creativity because you just don’t know what will happen. I guess my creative process is quite fluid in this way. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, hit me up.Thanks for taking a look at the shop and enjoy

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