Salet by Eri Takekawa

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan

Hi I'm Eri, designer of Salet by Eri Takekawa. My collection is inspired by beautiful nature, flowers, and plants!! Handcrafted in Japan.

The Story

Most inspiration comes from nature which is what I am trying to reflect within my craftsmanship.
My name is Eri Takekawa, I grew up in the county side where I was surrounded by nature with flowing streams, birds, insects and lots of flowers in my garden. Instantly, I was interested in gardening too!
After many years, I moved to the city, however I am constantly missing the nature. I realized how much I loved life when living with nature as I feel I am now living in small concrete city.

Since then, “NATURE” is the main priority in my life. After graduating from art school, I work for a designer’s atelier and show my talent there. I am not only designing but also chasing by myself. That is why I can make any detail I imagine. My collection focuses on “NATURE” from my experience in gardening or natural garden & forests. It’s cute yet elegant. These collections are just beautiful!!

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