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The Story

SAISEI in Japanese means rebirth-recovery and this is the principle upon which the brand's philosophy is based. The collection, in fact, origins from forgotten fabrics, drapes and webbings of a past time, brought back to life by the enjoyment of craftsmanship combined with the love for contemporary style and decor.

SAISEI also means research: old unused kits, scraps of historical workshops, old materials, military tents and army fabrics carrying the signs and taste of the time, yet carrying their glorious, never lost story. Assembled and re-invented, these "scraps" go back to life becoming the outside of skillfully manufactured bags contrasting with their interior lining fabrics by the strong aesthetic impact: from romantic floral to the retro taste of contemporary geometries.
Deliberately simple in the definition of the internal spaces, the focus turns to the history and the materials. The SAISEI bag loves big size, portability and wants to hold it all. For this reason, the collection offers pieces of medium/large size to fit people that use their accessory as a container of their own world.Each SAISEI bag, while having a strong identity, has no sex!

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