Sabrina Tach

Montevideo, Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay

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The Story

My name is Sabrina Tachdjian and I am a fashion designer. I was born in a family that loved fashion. My father had clothing stores and designed children’s clothes in my country. I decided to start my own line of hand-bags when I realized the excellent quality of leather we have available in my country. The lack of good fabrics and supplies can be a big problem for designers here in Uruguay, however, leather and wool are our specialty.

About the process: I usually start with the material.

I go to the tanneries and see the options I have, and from there starts the design process and the samples. All the bags are handmade by specialized leather craftsmen, and the leather is picked piece by piece by me. Another important aspect of the brand are the fashion campaigns. Once I’ve finished the collection I have to design the wardrobe for the photoshooting.
About my inspiration: I do not have a unique source of inspiration. I love to travel and when I am in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I am from, I’m not in the city, I’m at the beach, in a fishing town near Brazil, where there are many travellers. I love to be inspired by many different places and cultures. I think having your own brand makes all the hard work worth it. I worked for companies but to do the designs for your own label is a great feeling. Every item you design represents you and the work that you have put into it!

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Sabrina Tach bags are summery, stylish, and very functional. Inspired by her native Uruguay, Sabrina sources most of her materials locally, making good use of the quality leather produced in her home…
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