Rachel Entwistle

London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

Did you see Daisy Bevan wearing a Rachel Entwistle Jawbone Earcuff at the London premiere of The Two Faces of January?!

The Story

I am a London based jewellery designer and take my inspiration from natural history, entomology, symbolism and mythology. I come from a creative and academic family and grew up in the English countryside. I have always been influenced and inspired by these dual sides. I began my career studying Cultural Studies and went on to work for NGO's and Charities in the UK and overseas whilst always continuing to make and fulfil my creative side.

It was in Mexico that I had the opportunity to develop my love for jewellery and after leaving my last job I went on to study at the University of the Arts in Taxco, Mexico. My designs are influenced by my love of nature but also by an interest in culture, meaning and myth. My designs are often organic or nature inspired but also lean towards a deeper meaning and symbolism behind the concept. I like to challenge the wearer to a deeper understanding. I try and use ethically sourced materials where possible and my casting is all done with recycled materials. I started out a little over 3 yrs ago working from a studio in my bedroom and then went on to share a studio with Kamilla Thorsen of Dynasty Jewellery and we recently opened our own boutique and studio Thor & Wistle in Shoreditch London. I was a Finalist at the 2012 UK Jewellery Awards for the New Designer category and I exhibit at shows and am stocked in a number of designer boutiques in the UK and overseas. All of my designs are made by hand in our studio with a passionate attention to all the little details.

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Rachel Entwistle doesn’t sit still. She’s always working, always moving, always thinking and creating, finding beauty and inspiration all around her. She began her career working and traveling with…
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