Poupee Couture

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates

made it on VOGUE'S 100 BEST BAGS list !

The Story

Translated into “doll” in French, Poupée (pronounced pu-peh) Couture transforms the stereotype of the traditional woman from a dependent, submissive doll inhibited by standards and governed by fashion trends to a more active, independent, multi-layered woman who is a little rough around the edges. No longer restrained by societal norms, this new and improved modern doll appreciates novelty in design and fashion, and successfully breaks through the glass ceiling, leaving her mark.

Poupée Couture's inspiration materialized into handbags that have strong geometric forms at first glance and brilliant rays of colour upon closer look. Whether it’s by material layering or a perforated Arabesque metal, colour always shines through. Through the combination of unusual, often contradictory elements, which parallels the unexpected depiction of the modern day ‘doll,’ each handbag offers an element of surprise. With three product lines, consisting of handbags, jewelry, and home accessories, Poupée Couture contributes to the preservation of the endangered artisanal industry by having skilled artisans hand make all products. With its unique design and modern approach to fashion, the line has received media attention from industry leaders including InStyle UK, Cosmopolitan India, and more. Poupée Couture officially became the first Arab accessories brand to be featured in VOGUE’s Best Bags list in 2012, and recently featured on The CW’s hit television series The Carrie’s Diaries.

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