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My name is Paola Peres I began my brand named Paola Peres complementos during 2005 in Chihuahua, Mexico, as a fashion atelier mostly creating handmade leather purses and belts.

since I was little my mom always told me that " when you consider the university had to find something that was your true passion" first studied law for 3 years , then I realized that my true passion was fashion design, so I leave the law school, and started college in fashion at that time I was sure Im going to have a line of haute couture but another twist god made ​​me realize that my true passion was designing leather bags and accessories. one day looking for a fabric store behind the San Juan de Dios market in Guadalajara, Mexico City where I studied rather than the fabric store I found one where stocks were selling leather and there began the adventure of experimenting with materials to create works of arts based in leather.
after I had the opportunity to study a specialty was in design and production of shoes and bags in Italy and a few years later in Argentina, whenever I can save money and take courses either art, leather goods, design and creativity forcing my mind to go beyond, the last course to take was origami.I offer to the market more than just an accessory or a craft, I create art pieces, I love to put my heart, soul and feelings into each piece I create. I love to be part of all the process in each piece and collection since the design, looking for the best materials for that design, the manufacturer and also creating the concept of the photo shootings, Another important aspect within my work are the linnings of the purses; " It's just like with people, we dont have to see just the exterior; actually the interior is the most important part" that's why in PAOLA PERES COMPLEMENTOS we put special interest in the linning of each piece.I find inspiration everywhere, it could be in a trip, a color, a scent etc.. I like to be open to transform all the things I see and I feel into art.
I love to travel

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