SEO Guidelines

This page will help you to optimize your shop for search engines. This is called search engine optimization or "SEO":

  1. How to help customers find your shop
  2. How to write effective titles and descriptions
  3. How your Boticca shop is viewed by search engines
  4. Relisting pieces

How to help customers find your shop

Your item title and the first 140 characters of your item description are the most important elements to optimize to improve your shop and individual visibility of a piece in search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Below the ‘item title’ is ‘Navajo stacking bangle - Fuchsia.’

The title of your piece is the text that will show up when people search on Google in blue (see example below). The description will come below it in black text. Words or phrases that the person searching has used will show up in bold, both in the description and in the title. Here, the customer has done a search on Google for ‘anabel campbell navajo stacking bangle’ so the results have been ordered to show pages containing these words and phrases.

How to write effective titles and descriptions


Make your product title is as simple as possible. It should be no more than 48 characters (including spaces) as customers will see no more than this much of your title in results. With this product listing for example, "Bella Sterling silver golden Pearls Crochet Earrin", the last word of the listing- 'earrings', is cut off. It is important that you make sure relevant key words fit into the title of the listing, particularly if that word refers to the base product category name or type of item, such as earring, ring, bracelet, necklace, scarf, bag, etc. This will be the title that appears to customers in search results and your piece listing is unlikely to show up in search results if the title of the piece isn't the correct length, containing the item type.'

Pick 1 or 2 characteristics that best describe your item and most importantly, name the type of item (ie bracelet, ring, clutch bag, necklace). It might seem like you are being too obvious, but for someone who is not looking for your page/piece in particular, but for a ‘gold bracelet’ or a ‘stackable ring’, they will be more likely to see your item in search results listings if you include this in your title.

This is the best way to ensure more and more people can find your products.

Examples of well-named items:

  1. White suede cuff
    Why well named&63; Because you have the item type: cuff + 1-2 characteristics: white, suede.
  2. Ear cuff with gold-plated spikes Pink silk stud drop earrings
    Why well-named&63; Because you have the item type: ear cuff + 1-2 characteristics: gold, spikes.
  3. Tiny gold initial necklace
    Why well-named&63; Because you have the item type: necklace + 1-2 characteristics: gold, initial.

By all means, if the piece has a special name, add it. You should try to maintain a balance between originality and making your item title and description as easy to find as possible for the user.

Here are some examples of items with titles unlikely to be found by the customer:

  1. ‘Crimson flow II’ (from this title, a user would not know this item was a necklace).
  2. ‘Beguile’ (from this title, the user would not know this item was a pair of earrings).
  3. ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch (sapphire)’ (from this title, the user would not know this item was a scarf)
  4. ‘Zambia might be a challenge’ (from this title, a user would not know this item was a scarf).

With example 1), a user searching for a necklace would not search ‘crimson flow II’ if they don’t know the name of the product and are looking for this necklace/are searching for a necklace with the same characteristics as this necklace. They would more likely search something such as ‘gold necklace’, ‘long necklace’, ‘beaded necklace’ etc.

With example 2), a user who wants to buy a pair of earrings would be unlikely to type ‘beguile’ if they don’t know the name of the product and are searching for these earrings/a pair of earrings with the same characteristics as these earrings. They would be more likely to type ‘long earrings’, ‘chandelier earrings’, ‘gold chandelier earrings’.

With example 3), just like the other 2 examples, a user looking for a scarf would be unlikely to type ‘Zambia might be a challenge’. With such a specific name, customers searching for this product, if they don’t know the exact name, would be unlikely to find it, let alone, buy it. They would more likely type a scarf with a particular material or color, or other characteristic. For example: ‘silk scarf’, ‘ladies scarf’, ‘leopard print scarf’, ‘long scarf’, etc.


While not as important as the title, it is always good in your description to add in some words/phrases that you have used in your item title. It is most effective if you can do this in the first 140 characters of the description of the item within ‘Story of the Piece’.

Mentioning Celebrities / Publications in your titles

A way of making the title of a piece listing more visible is by including the names of publications or celebrities connected with the piece. For example, if the piece has been featured in ‘x magazine’ or ‘worn by x celebrity’ it can be useful to add because these search terms will be widely searched for. When doing this, it’s best to add a phrase such as ‘as seen in’ followed by the publication title or ‘as seen on’ followed by the celebrity. Example here:

How your Boticca shop is viewed by search engines

The more people online are talking about your Boticca shop and linking to it (individual items/your designer story) from other places such as other websites and blogs, the more beneficial this is for your shop in terms of how many people are going to easily be able to find your shop. A lot of links from other blogs and pages going straight to your page, tells Google that your page is considered interesting and worth visiting by a lot of people. This will impact how many potential customers can find your page on Google.

Quick fix ways to start working on this:

Relisting pieces

When relisting a piece on your shop, please be sure to relist the piece under the old product listing. Creating a new listing for a piece that was stocked already on your shop can cause errors with the old listings that can have a negative impact on your shop.

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