10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Selling on Boticca

1. How does Boticca work?

Boticca is a curated global marketplace that connects talented, emerging designers of fashion accessories directly with customers from all over the world. Once designers join our community, they are provided with a shop where they can tell their story and upload pieces to be seen and bought by the whole world.

2. Who takes care of shipping?

Designers are in charge of shipping pieces to customers. When you set up your shop on Boticca, you can add shipping charges to your prices to cover the shipment cost.

3. How does my Boticca shop work?

Your Boticca shop is very intuitive and easy to use. We have created an environment that you can log into as a designer to create your pieces, upload your pictures, write your descriptions. You can also see which pieces are most popular, how many people love them and who your buyers are. You can manage all your sells from your Boticca shop. For more information you can read the Other Helpful Questions section.

4. Can I do anything that I like with my shop?

Yes, mostly. We want our designers to convey their stories and inspirations in the most genuine way possible. You have complete control of your shop: upload the pieces that you would like, as many pieces as you would like and price them the way you would like. We do have some guidelines around pictures, shipping and customer service that need to be respected to ensure a great experience for our customers.

5. What happens when I receive an order?

When you receive an order, we handle the payment from the buyer and send you an email immediately with the details of the order: the buyer's name, delivery address, the piece(s) that they bought and what shipping method you offer they chose. You then ship the order and mark it as shipped to notify the customer.

6. What are your fees and how do I get paid?

Boticca only charges a 35% commission on the retail price of the piece (30% for Exclusive pieces or Non-Exclusive pieces with free worldwide standard shipping). Boticca does not charge commissions on shipment prices. Once the order has been marked as shipped, we hold the payment for 15 working days (in case there are returns and refunds) before your payment is cleared and goes into a queue with disbursements made to our designers every 1st and 15th of the month.

7. Where do your customers come from?

Our marketplace is truly global with traffic and customers coming primarily from North America, Western Europe and the Middle East. Furthermore, Boticca handles transactions in three different currencies: British Pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

8. How do returns or refunds work?

Designers set their own guidelines in regards to returns or refunds. However, we require that all designers offer a full refund (including the original shipping but excluding the return shipping) if the customer requests one within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the piece and returns the piece to the designer.

9. What kind of marketing do you do?

We do many forms of online marketing to promote our website such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Twitter, and email marketing. We are also active in online and offline PR.

10. Do I have to sign any contracts?

There are no formal contracts to sign but as with most websites, you need to agree to our Terms of Use and Seller Agreements.

Other Helpful Questions About Selling on Boticca

1. What currencies can Boticca.com handle?

You can pay using any of the currencies below. And just to make shopping really easy, you can choose your preferred currency from the list in the top right corner of the page and all prices will be displayed in that currency.

  • UK Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)

2. How do I get started as a designer on Boticca.com?

Boticca.com approves all sellers on its marketplace before they are able to sell. First you will need to submit the designer application form which our team of curators will carefully review. As part of this application you will need to provide us with either a URL or images of your work. Once you are approved you will be able to log into your designer account and start setting up your shop and profile. You will first need to make sure you complete your profile before you can start selling. This means that you will need to:

  • Include a logo for your shop
  • Write about your story
  • Describe your store policies
  • Create a shipping profile to indicate your shipping costs and the regions to which you ship
  • Provide Boticca with a PayPal address where we can transfer the proceeds from your sales

Once your profile is complete you will then have access to your full designer dashboard.

3. Why do I have to complete my profile before listing an item?

This is because on Boticca, visitors are looking not simply to buy a unique piece but also understand who is behind the piece and what their story is. They come to find out about who you are, as a designer. It is a very important part of their shopping experience.

4. How do I list items for sale?

  1. Add your item by clicking on the Add a Piece link in the left hand navigation of your dashboard in the Pieces section. You will then be guided through a one page form to list your piece.
  2. Select the correct shipping profile for your piece. We recommend you take great care in the pricing of shipping charges as it has become common for shipping fees online to be very competitive and oftentimes free.
  3. Make sure you include at least 2 pictures per piece, one on white background and one of the piece worn in order to display size and proportions. The more picture you include the better it is from a merchandising standpoint.
  4. You can include your piece in a collection in order to group them with other similar pieces and enable customers to browse your pieces in a more engaging way
  5. Make sure you tag your piece with all the relevant gemstone, colours, materials attributes. This will help customers find them faster.
  6. You can save your piece as a draft at any time without listing it on Boticca if you need more time to write a good description. Otherwise simply click on List and you are done!

5. How do I use shipping profiles?

Shipping profiles allow you to save a specific set of shipping information so that you can apply it to any piece's listing. Click on your Dashboard Shipping link under the Store section to add or edit a shipping profile

6. Can I set different shipping costs for international shipping?

Yes your shipping profiles allow you to specify shipping costs for international orders, enabling you to easily and confidently sell your designs worldwide.

7. What do I do when I go on holiday or am sick?

You have the ability to put your seller account into Vacation Mode. Simply go to the Vacation link in the Store Section of your Dashboard Account and set the time you will not be able to fulfill orders properly. During your specified vacation period, buyers will be able to see your items and purchase them but they will see a warning indicating that you are away and hence may not be able to ship their pieces immediately.

8. What can I do about negative feedback?

Reach out to the customer in the first instance and discover the root of the problem. By mutual agreement you can then delete or edit the negative feedback. If you believe the feedback is offensive or breaches the Boticca.com terms and conditions please contact customer support.

9. Can I change my shop name?

Your shop name on Boticca.com can be changed except when documented legal proceedings affirm that your name infringes on a trademark or at the discretion of Boticca.com. Also please note that if you also change the url for your shop to reflect the new shop name any prior links to your shop will be broken. So you will need to make sure you update those on your blogs or other web pages.

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