Designer Charter

We have defined a designer charter in order to ensure a high level of quality on Boticca. This is not only to benefit our customers, but also our community of designers. We want to make sure that your pieces are featured in the best possible light, surrounded by high quality peers, and in a way that will inspire customers to buy from you.

All of the requirements and recommendations below are based on data we have gathered measuring what encourages more sales and improves the customer experience. We have grouped them under Quality, Photography, Packaging, Communications, Shipping Options, and Returns Policy. The points listed under the ‘Required’ section must be followed for your products to be included on Boticca. The ‘Recommended’ points are not essential to your inclusion on Boticca, but we have suggested them in order to help you maximise your sales potential.

1. Quality

  • Designers will provide original pieces designed by themselves with the best quality materials available.
  • Designers will not upload pieces from other designers or brands.
  • Designers will accurately describe their pieces, including the materials and techniques used, the size, and other relevant details with no misrepresentation.
  • Designers should upload a minimum of 10 pieces in order to provide variety.
  • If Designers have a range of price points, they should include them. This enables customers to try your designs at a lower price point before buying the more expensive pieces. It is also a good idea to have lower price points for gifts, where on average, customers will not want to spend over $100/£70/€80.

2. Photography

  • Designers will upload a minimum of two pictures per piece.
  • All pictures will be cropped properly and bear no watermarks of any kind.
  • The first picture* will be a product shot on a white, clear background.
  • The second picture will be a ‘lifestyle’ shot of the piece.
  • We recommend that you upload two additional pictures of each piece. One of these could be an alternative view or a close-up of the piece. The other could be a picture of the packaging.
  • The more relevant pictures you display, the higher sales rate you are likely to receive for your collection. Customers want to gain a sense of trust when they see your pieces, and you can help them do this by describing and representing your pieces in a clear way. Details and proportions are very important, especially when customers cannot touch or feel your pieces.

*Boticca, at its discretion, may allow certain pictures to be on a darker background if the piece in question is white, silver or a clear colour that is difficult to visualize on a white background.

3. Packaging

  • Designers will ship all pieces sold in attractive, sturdy and durable gift packaging and will protect the pieces from damage during transit via padding or bubble wrap. Packaging is very important to us because it conveys and protects the quality of your designs.
  • We recommend that designers write a personal, hand-written note thanking the customer for their purchase. This makes a huge difference in the customer’s experience and it is a delightful gesture (not to mention it may increase the likelihood of repeat sales!).
  • Packaging should not bear any information that attempts to solicit the customer away from Boticca, e.g. a personal website, email address or phone number.

4. Communications with buyers

  • On working days, designers will respond to customer questions or queries on the website within 24 hours, in a professional and friendly manner. If the designer is unable to man their account and respond to customer queries, the designer will find somebody to do so.
  • Designers will never solicit the customer to transact away from the Boticca platform.
  • Once they have shipped a piece, designers will mark it as ‘shipped’ on their Boticca dashboard in order to have their payment released.
  • Even though designers mark each piece as ‘shipped’ and Boticca generates an automated email to inform the customer, we recommend sending a personal message via Boticca’s messaging system, indicating that the order has been received and shipped. This personal communication is one of the reasons our customers like to shop on Boticca.

5. Shipping options

  • Designers will ship to the United States of America, Canada and member countries of the European Union (if legally feasible) in addition to their own country.
  • Designers will provide a standard shipping option (no more than 10 working days to arrive) and an express option (no more than 5 working days to arrive). The express option will be trackable and designers will provide tracking details as well as a tracking URL when the piece has been shipped to enable their customers to monitor the delivery of their package. For standard shipping options, if tracking is not available, it will be made clear to the customer in the shipping method name that is the case. Furthermore, by joining Boticca, designers agree to participate in free shipping promotions at their own cost across the entire Boticca website. These promotions do not exceed 6 days each calendar month and designers are provided with advance notice.
  • For standard shipping options, the price of shipping will not be greater than 25% of the price of the piece for items less than £20 / $20 / €20; will not be greater than 20% of the price of the piece for items between £20 / $20 / €20 and between than £50 / $50 / €50; will not be greater than 15% of the price of the piece for items between £50 / $50 / €50 and between than £150 / $150 / €150; and will not be greater than £25 / $25 / €25 for items between greater than £150 / $150 / €150.
  • Designers will ship orders within 24 hours of receipt during workdays unless the item has been specifically marked as ‘made-to-order’ in its description.
  • We highly recommended to add a free worldwide free shopping option as pieces and designers with free shipping options tend to sell a lot more frequently than those who don't. Furthermore, it would minimise the costs on periods of free shipping across the site (where we offer free standard shipping to all customers for a limited time period and the cost of which is financed by the designers).To qualify for free shipping and the resulting 30% commission, a free option for each selected region is required.
  • We recommend that designers ship to the entire world (or all countries that are legally feasible). This will enable you to expand your customer base. Once a sale is made, it is guaranteed that you will receive the money if you ship the piece as we hold the buyer’s payment. So you need not worry about the buyer’s credibility!
  • Designers should provide insured shipping options using their country’s postal service or third-party shipment services such as DHL, FedEx and UPS.

6. Returns policy

  • Designers must provide a full refund ( (including the original shipping but excluding the return shipping) to customers should the customer request so within 14 working days of receipt. The refund will be processed only once the designer has received the piece back in satisfactory condition.
  • Designers will contact Boticca to facilitate the refund process once it has been agreed by both parties.
  • We encourage designers to provide another, identical piece to the customer free of charge if the piece hasn’t arrived to its destination or has been damaged in transit. We believe good customer service will always generate positive word of mouth and encourage repeat customers.
  • If the original piece has been returned to the designer, and the return has been agreed by both parties within 14 working days of receipt, designers should allow customers to exchange the product for another piece of identical value.
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