Curating our designers

What makes a Boticca piece so special: It has a meaning. We scour the 4 corners of the world to handpick the best emerging designers and share their inspirations with you.

We at Boticca believe in fashion that's uniquely inspiring. We believe in supporting independent and emerging designers – to uncover 'hidden gems' that haven't yet hit the mainstream. But we also think that badly made products and poor customer service are the ultimate fashion faux pas.

That's why every designer you see on our site has been lovingly chosen by our team of fashion curators. We carefully review every designer application we receive to make sure we find the most talented fashion accessories designers, who need our help to gain the exposure they so readily deserve.

Our global team of style spies scour the world looking for the most inspiring designers you've never heard of. We search established fashion capitals - London, Paris, New York, and trawl cities from Beirut to Buenos Aires in search of fashion treasure. We go to street fairs, fashion shows, trade shows and small boutiques. We go to fashion design and metalsmithing schools. We browse the Internet every day, read countless blogs and fashion publications, all in search of new talent. All this so that in turn, you can experience the joy of finding that rare piece that your friends and family will always be asking you about.

What we look for

Designers that create more than something beautiful: a unique, well-crafted piece with its own back story. Something you can wear, identify with and embody. We want an antidote to high-street fashion. Why plump for a copycat piece when you could wear a unique story that means something to you?

It's our unique fashion curation process - our gift to you. So you can shop safe in the knowledge that whatever you're browsing - from hair bands to handbags - has met our exacting standards. Instead of buying from faceless brands, you can discover designers up close and personal, buying their beautiful pieces directly from them; whether they are in your town or on the other corner of the globe, and knowing that they belong to the Boticca community of designers.

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