Why We Love What Bloggers Do

Bloggers have individuality in the way they approach fashion. We delight in seeing the same piece styled by two different bloggers in totally different ways. For us, style is about unique pieces from emerging designers championed by the true ambassadors of fashion: bloggers!

Frassy for boticca.com

Collaborate and Partner with Boticca in a Way That Suits You

Self-expression is so important to us and we know it is to bloggers to. So, rather than cramp your style, we want to help you to thrive. To encourage this, we invite bloggers to work with us in whichever way they think is most in keeping with what they and their blog are all about. Whether you’re interested in reviewing a piece or doing a giveaway, take your pick from our menu of ways you, as a grassroots ambassador of fashion, can get on board with the Boticca movement to support independent designers and their work.

Ways to Work with Boticca

  • Spotlight a designer you love and one or more of their pieces
  • Do an outfit post featuring a piece by a Boticca designer
  • Host a giveaway on your blog for your readers
If you are a blogger with unique style, interested in doing something with a difference and lending support to independent design talent, we’d love to hear from you! Please email bloggers@boticca.com to say hi and get in touch.

Speak soon! The Boticca Team

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