Welcome to Boticca, the world’s luxury bazaar of fashion accessories.


We explore every corner of the world crossing continents and oceans to discover fresh design talent.


We carefully select the best brands and products to introduce to the site and through our marketplace model, empower the designers behind them to connect with new customers like you.

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Who we are

We are a cosmopolitan team of globetrotters, adventurers, wanderers and innovators. From Florence’s ancient streets to Japan’s electric cities, we travel the world to find the world’s best independent brands.

We believe commerce should be about discovery. The ancient Silk Road once allowed adventurers to connect with unfamiliar cultures through travel, communication and trade. We use our platform to help you cross continents without leaving home, recapturing that lost commerce experience and inspiring that same sense of discovery.

Our Style Hunters carefully select each brand on Boticca, taking into consideration their stories, uniqueness, quality and professionalism. Our marketplace model allows you to interact with the world’s best designers, buy products directly from them and even customize pieces, ensuring that your experience is a personal and meaningful one. With our curated selection and an array of engaging stories, we’ve found an innovative way for you to travel the globe through commerce, meeting creative, fascinating designers and brands along the way.

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