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The Story

I launched Onikann in 2011 with the intention of making relaxed, luxurious scarves for chic women who appreciate little surprises and elements of fantasy. Onikann's accessories incorporate sophisticated, feminine and carnal details that attract attention and interest in the purest of French tradition.I am passionate about land art, nature astronomy and research on the dissipation of light. These constant sources of inspiration are evident in my pieces and color palette.

I like to explore different combinations of colors because to me, they are but vibrations and energies that once captured, and therefore become visual notes that inspire a physical reaction the same way a perfume can. Sometimes saturated, sometimes deep, the colors I use try invoke enchanted mixes that transport you into Japanese dreams or in the shadow of a mixed forest. But what I always try to do is to create a kaleidoscope that can turn the simplest feather into a mystery – all with a touch of carnal emotions.All my pieces are 100% made in France.

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  • Fresh Talent Alert – February 15th

    Onikann is the work of Anne Boivin, a Parisian textile consultant turned scarf designer. Onikann scarves feature vivid colors, sharp imagery and luxurious...
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