Bogota, Colombia Bogota, Colombia

The Story

I´m a jewelry artist. I love to design and produce all of my pieces in the company of a wonderful team. My main inspiration comes from nature, the aesthetic exquisite forms that I find everywhere, from the Andes mountains behind my house to my travels to the Amazon. I have to say that I am seduced by exquisite materials such as diamonds, gold, crystals and Colombian emeralds. These, together with natural ethnic fibers and feathers produce original, unique and sophisticated pieces of jewelry.

Unique because each feather is one of a kind, as the natural rock shapes and the colour of the natural tint used in the fibre that given day. The final piece is a jewel with a conscious, since the feathers and werregue fibre used, support the use of standing South American rain forests by native local artisans.

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Designer spotlight

“The Andes inspire awe in me every morning,” says jewelry designer Nathalie Regnier. The designer behind NRegnier is lucky enough to live in the Andes in Colombia, where she finds breathtaking beauty...
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