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The Story

I am Niza Huang, a Metalwork and Jewellery Designer based in London, UK.

I have built up a unique portfolio with my expert use of texture and sculptural forms.

Though my pieces are fashion orientated, there is a highly researched story behind every design, giving each consumer a piece of wearable sculpture. One of the two collections, "Petroleum" is considered ‘black gold’, a precious substance which literally fuels the modern world, though it also has the capacity to destroy it.

'Petroleum Jewellery' asks us to think about how precious this substance is and how beautiful it can be, how it needs to be preserved, so our planet is preserved for future generations. Another of my collections "Under Earth" was inspired by my fascination with the mysterious depths of the Earth. The jewellery is designed to reflect the rock formations. Each piece is handcrafted and cast in precious metal with some designs being adorned with gemstones.

I creates unique jewellery, that is designed to be as innovative as it is beautiful.

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Designer spotlight

For Niza Huang, a wealth of inspiration can be found just below the earth’s surface. Her sculptural jewelry recalls the rock formations found all over the planet, specifically the jagged forms found...
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