Nangara by Júlia Fusinato

Joinville, Brazil Joinville, Brazil

Enjoy our new collection, to have a little bit of Brazil gracing the spring and summer days!

The Story

My name is Julia, I'm 24 years old. I graduated in fashion design and am the owner of Nangara. Our story began a few years ago, developing common bijoux, but we wanted something different, something special. That's when we began to develop Nangara. Our products are made of the highest standard silk threads, stones, mother of pearl, coconut shell and wood, amongst other noble and natural materials.

Thus, they will always be unique because nature’s caprice does not equal two stones, and each piece of wood or coconut is hand carved, they are special pieces that will last the wearer a lifetime.
About Nangara: Nangara is the union of two words of Tupi-Guarani, resulting in the meaning of similarity. Similarity between man and nature. "Man will never invent nothing simpler and nothing more beautiful than a manifestation of nature." (Leonardo da Vinci) The bond between man and nature makes them one. They are connected in line, which is a reflection of the other. Nature is not always predictable, surprising us every day with its active force. Solidarity gives us the most beautiful creations to compose our art.
The Nangara aims: to beautify the reflection of the wearer, at the same time to reflect the care and concern for nature.

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