Rome, Italy Rome, Italy

FW 2014-2015 is ready: take a look at this boiled leather handmade pieces.

The Story

The shape is the protagonist. The pleasure is to invent it, to follow it. The desire to give form to matter. It doesn't imitate the seasons, it doesn't wait for the collections. The pleasure is the research, the discovery, the definition of a figure, an image. Cutting, shaping, matching materials and the image comes to life. Volume, weight, proportions, lines, curves with their pouches and their cavities. The texture of a fabric, the feel. Smooth, delicate, rough, coarse.

The possibilities that it offers. Rigid, compliant, each material has a role. A structure is born and takes its space. It recalls a geometric figure, a stylized natural element or perhaps something else. The relation with the body is essential, the body must dialogue with the form, they must they must be in harmony. It needs balance between form and function. After all, it is a bag.

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