Milena ZU

Paris, France Paris, France

The Story

I was born in Italy and attended the Art School in Turin. After that I traveled all over Asia to experience different cultures and learn from them. When I arrived in Bali I was fascinated by local artisans who were crocheting traditional ornaments with long strings of metals using a forgotten ancient technique. I knew this was what I looked for to manifest my signature jewelry line using this ancient weaving method.

Milena ZU jewelry is all hand crocheted stitch-by-stitch using fine metal wires of different types: silver, copper, brass, steel, and combined with gems, crystals, and pearls. I also like to oxidize and plate the metals to give them a unique look that can reach all kinds of women. Through my jewels I wish to encourage women of any age to express themselves by integrating their true feminine powers and talents.

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For jewelry designer Milena Zu, inspiration comes from the stars. Her mesh pieces have names like Betelgeuse and Vega in honor of the stars and constellations that, according to Milena, help set our paths.…
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