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The Story

Our story begins in a small Israeli village where we were born to a 3 generation farmers’ family and grew up surrounded by the scents of orchards and flowers.
Ofir is a psychology graduate while Ela got her B.A. in economy.

Following a fascinating trip that commenced in Japan and continued across the wild Mongolian prairies and passed enchanted Tibetan shrines, we unveiled the psychological origins of the creative space and decided to bring our childhood dream to life – combining our both favored pursuits: creation and spending time with each other.
So we linked Ofir’s nickname – Meck – with Ela’s name and came up with the Meckela brand – the harmonic blend of the two sisters, creating bags, purses and more bags.
The women in our family are our source of inspiration. They are strong and gentle, assertive and feminine, careerist and family oriented. Each new model starts with the inspiration we get from these women surrounding us – their lifestyle, aesthetics and personality.
Our designs follow our perception of the modern woman – a combination of elegance and pragmatism with a twist that is best articulated in our hand-printed styled lining.

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