Natural Druzy Lace Agate Rough cut Azzuro pendant Gold Druzy Maya Magal

When it comes to design, jewelry designer Maya Magal has more than one specialty. She studied textile design at London’s Chelsea College of Art before completing a four-year apprenticeship with Oxford-based jewelry designer Tony Thomson. Her textile samples sell to major brands such as Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg and Bottega Veneta, but that hasn’t supplanted her love of jewelry design. Maya works with metal and a variety of natural stones to create her original pieces. “I love the color and texture [natural stones] bring to a piece of jewelry,” Maya says. She works with a variety of stones in different textures and colors to create completely original pieces. Maya is also working with metals to create original pieces like her Spinning rings, which layer gold rings over a silver base to create a sense of movement. “I want to focus more on creating shapes through the use of metals,” Maya says. However, that doesn’t mean she is finished with stones. “I love the excuse to travel abroad to source stones and that there is only one of each stone, which makes each piece of jewelry unique.” She loves traveling to India and China, but she has another region in her sights for her next hunting trip: “I would ideally love to go to South America next time to see what I can find there - good excuse for a trip anyway.”

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