Parma, Italy Parma, Italy

The Story

It all began in 2005 in the fertile land of South Africa, where Maria Lamanna gained experience flourishing her knowledge on materials, leather in primis, and its manufacturing. An inborn creative spirit gave life to the first Maria Lamanna handbags. From the very beginning her creations were oriented towards a style for a unique and assertive personality. The lines are born from the inspired imagination of the designer, following her rock soul.

The nucleus of the brand is synonymous of the revolutionary spirit that leads her pencil.Relocating to Italy in 2012 generated a significant refinement of manufacturing techniques, thanks to the support of highly skilled Italian artisans working with the finest leather and materials used on her designs.In addition, the creative and commercial growth is supported by a passionate and driven entourage, which is essential and adds value to the brand. The result is a product of great impetus, which passes on rhythm and energy through a style with no compromises, prevailing classic designs and fleeting trends, imposing its eclectic personality with designs of simple lines, bold and of severe elegance.

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