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Marta Chojnacka – Artist / MA in painting and drawing at University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland). Manolo is a brand of contemporary fashion accessories created by Marta Chojnacka. She creates pieces of jewellery that have an artistic handmade origin by transforming unique, hand-drawn designs into small handmade jewellery ranges. Marta uses the character and boldness she can express through drawing to give personality and texture to her jewellery pieces.

Passionate about colours, painting and textures, Marta loves to experiment with different techniques and approaches on applications. The inspiration for the Las Chicas de Manolo collection comes from Henri Toulouse Lautrec's drawings of ladies and classic cameos. This collection pays tribute to women. Each girl/design has its own background, personality and hobbies. Each piece is made of hand painted solid walnut, then engraved and finished with a coat of varnish. Handmade and assembled in England.

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Marta Chojnacka is the talented London-based designer from Poland behind Manolo. She makes a wonderful collection of brooches called 'Las Chicas de Manolo' inspired by the artwork of French painter Henri…
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Manolo is one of the most cheerful brands you’ll find on Boticca. Marta Chojnacka is the artist behind Manolo and she brings her delightful drawings to life with wooden jewelry. “The characters I create...
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