Mademoiselle Slassi

PARIS, France PARIS, France

The Story

Hello, I'm Karima Slassi and I think of myself as “a milliner of the 21st Century” (and I like to add “since 2009”). I live and work in Paris, France. Being a milliner is the story of a life change, driven by the desire to make my secret dream come true... (and it’s not a secret anymore). My brand, Mademoiselle Slassi, is dedicated to mid-range and high-end hats and hair accessories.

My hats are inspired by the era where hats were part of all outfits; they are made to be contemporary and timeless hats. The shapes of my hats are elegant and classy but the materials, the colors and the details as well as their combinations bring the seductive and sassy twist that I like to play with. I design collections (S/S, A/W & bridal) as well as bespoke hats.
So, never hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, or if you would like me to create a bespoke hat for you.
I genuinely enjoy being close to my customers and talking about hats and my work. My tagline says: “Hats to be special every day; Hats for a very special day.” I hope you will find that most of my hats can be worn on a daily basis as well as for a special occasion; it all depends on you! I also wish that wearing a Mademoiselle Slassi hat will be a way for you to express one of several sides of your personality, in an environment where it's too often difficult to be simply your inner self.
May your future hat show your Joie de Vivre!
Hats off to you!

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