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The Story

Paris is my first inspiration to create pure and structured jewelry: a design influenced by art and history, unique and original, inspired by architecture.
The Eiffel Tower shows its delicate metallic lace structure, its minimalist shape, its ultra-feminine graphic patterns, in a laser-cut brass technique, on bracelets, breastplate necklaces, hoop earrings and headbands...

A well-known Parisian gilder enhances this eclectic universe with bronze finishing, black, silver or fine gold, to bronze, black, silver or fine gold finishing, to present high quality pieces in limited edition.
I, Aurore François, was born in 1980 in France, and spent my childhood in a small village in the north, discovering nature and dreaming in the fields. From this fulfillment, I developed an inquiring mind, full of imagination and always filled with wonder.
After two years studying foreign languages, I joined the Studio Berçot Paris. While in training, I exhibited my first creations for “Les Permeables” at Palais de Tokyo. Then I experienced with Karine Arabian, Guy Laroche and Corpus Christi design studios, in charge of accessories, jewelry, printed fabrics, and embroidery. I also worked as a graphic designer and as a photo stylist for fashion magazines… before launching my brand in January 2011, I received two fashion awards.
I draw my eclectic inspiration from Ross Lovegrove’s pure design, Gaudi's organic architecture, Gustav Klimt's sensual art, and above all nature’s perfection… My universe is the search of beauty in simplicity, this fascination with entwined threads and a liking for mixed contrasts. In my Parisian studio, I combine art, design and nature to create rock and chic handmade jewelry to make women sublime.

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Visitors to Paris are enchanted by la tour Eiffel, but did you ever think you’d be able to wear the world-famous tower? Designer Aurore François makes it happen with Mademoiselle Felee, a line of…
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Designer spotlight

Parisian jewelry designer Aurore Francois (better known as Mademoiselle Felee) has created an entire collection based on her home city and its most famous landmark, la Tour Eiffel. “The Eiffel Tower...
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