Liz Law

Playa del Rey, United States Playa del Rey, United States

Take a peek at my new Spring/Summer line, Brazen Grace, ethereal beauty inspired by the movement of the ocean.

The Story

Self described hoarder with a healthy touch of ADD, Liz Law delights in collecting charming little treasures from around the globe, the past, and secret nooks and crannies of the universe to reimagine them into unique yet accessible jewelry.

She finds her inspiration in these little tokens, whether it be juxtaposing disparate elements for a unique contrast, casting vintage baubles to reinvent them as contemporary pieces, or simply allowing the charms to speak for themselves in simple, eye-pleasing creations. With each collection, Law explores a different theme, place, feeling, or time, working with 14k gold fill, sterling silver, bronze, brass, Swarovski crystal, as well as other materials to deliver clean pieces with a touch of whimsy and playfulness. Quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed, as Law carefully designs and crafts each piece in her beachside Los Angeles studio.

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