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Tel Aviv, Israel Tel Aviv, Israel

just had a photo shooting of the new collection. Stay tuned ;-)

The Story

Born and raised in Germany, Linda studied product management and design in Munich.
Afterwards she worked for 3 years as a designer & product manager in Germany and 2 years in China leading a research & development team, and worked as a trend scout in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
After these years of designing and merchandising mass market fashion, she immigrated 2008 to Israel.
As she did with fashion, she did with jewelry – she learned everything from scratch.

Linda entered the world of jewelry in China and continued to study with several silver- & goldsmiths in Israel.
Now Linda lives and works in Tel Aviv. About her work: Linda's jewelry is a balanced result of her awareness & attention to her natural surroundings, which she believes everybody is influenced by. She loves to work with ideas or materials that she has just found on one of her strolls through nature.
Everything she picks up in her surroundings or even on her table is potential jewelry to her. Sometimes it’s the shape of an element that draws the attention, or it’s the nice structure of the surface. It can also be the combination of things lying accidentally next to each other on the ground just as if it had been arranged purposely. Natural elements that have been picked up just to decorate the studio suddenly seem like a new piece of jewelry such as little rocks, bark and stones. For her current collection she was inspired mainly by the surface of tree bark and a little rock which reminded her of a huge raw piece of precious stone found in a mine.

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Linda Friedrich took an unusual path to jewelry design. After years working in fashion, Linda followed her heart to Israel, where she found a community of artists and developed her talents. We spoke to…
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