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The Story

Over the years of work at various fashion houses in Milan, I worked also in a leather design project. Until then, I had always made my ideas available for the fashion industry but my creativity drove me to develop a more personal project. The transition from having my ideas on paper translated into bags required months of materials research.
All that that a young entrepreneur, like myself, can come across.

Without the support of initiatives from the State, I can say that taking part in the event gave me the push I needed to go more and more concretely in the project LDV.
Surely the creation of the first photo shoot, I was lucky to be able to count on the professionalism of my sister, Elena Masciadri, a talented photographer. All the people around me have made sure that LDV could appear very well at its first presentation.
The art has always been the guideline for my choices of study, from art school to the attendance of the Istituto Marangoni, where I specialized as fashion designer. Painting inspired my works by the passing of the embroidery beads as colored paisley or the sculptural representation of the shell purse in the last collection.
As I said before, art, declined in its many forms. The artist I love the most is Tamara De Lempicka, from which I draw the strength to emerge in a fashion reality related to the world of the man. I love to combine different artistic sensibilities as dancing, but also the creation of events in which even my creations can fit. The new brand Laura de la Vega launched its first collection in January 2010.
Sophisticated and singular design, combined with the bold use of materials makes Laura de la Vega stand out as a brand.
Leather is the protagonist, combined with studs, handmade embroideries and high quality silver accessories, all created workmanlike.
The inspiration draws back to retro style and tastes of luxury light, developing continuously new material, fostering the progress of the new brand, from innovative lines to precious and unusual objects.
Laura de la Vega guarantees exclusive prices for each single product. Only the best leather is chosen and each detail is carefully looked into: details are hand-made, home-produces from the elegant external package to the bright lining.
A mix of creativity, passion and fashion all in your hand made Laura de la Vega bag.LDV

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