Windy Mood - Necklace Aphrodite Bracelet Pandora - Necklace Midnight Blue - Necklace Lamprini

Jewelry designer Lamprini is unmistakably Greek. Her collection features the rich colors of the Greek landscape, dotted with stones and beads that evoke the sparkling Aegean Sea. Her delightful creations have won over fans around the world, including The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni. She credits her mother and grandmother for helping foster her love of fashion and design – Lamprini grew up learning traditional crochet techniques from these strong role models. She works in Athens, but returns to her beloved Corfu as often as she can. This is where she finds much of her inspiration. “I am deeply influenced by Greek landscapes,” Lamprini says. “I can find inspiration in the deep blue and dazzling white of the Aegean Islands, in the turquoise waters of Ionian Islands, in the astonishing sunsets and landscapes of my beloved Corfu.” She also cites colorful flowers and vintage cloth and prints as sources of inspiration. When Lamprini isn’t reveling in the stunning landscapes of her home, she loves to search markets for raw materials. “Every semi-precious stone has its own unique beauty and when combined with proper materials give you the opportunity to create endless combinations.” But it is Greece itself that provides Lamprini with her greatest inspiration. “I cannot live without optimism and hope for the future, the deep blue of the Greek sea and sky and the love of my family.”

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