La Corza by Sabo Designs

Seattle, United States Seattle, United States

The Story

I am a fine handcrafted botanical artist. Inspired by the natural world my pieces are either created from or inspired by botanicals. The jewelry I create cannot be separated from the natural environment. I delight in the constant array of shapes and contours nature presents. In my design and casting process I am careful to preserve as much of the plant's innate architecture preferring irregular beauty over an idealized copy.

Using materials that honor the living environment, I source Fair Trade, conflict free gemstones and emphasize the use of reclaimed silver and gold in my casts. I design for the client looking for a statement piece created by hand with superior craftsmanship and visual intrigue.

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Sabo Designs’ Annamarie has been preparing for her jewelry career her whole life. Her parents ran a remote resort in Alaska that attracted a host of international guests, giving her both a love of…
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