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The Story

The idea of creating my own brand of leather items that can be customized, comes from my experience of more than 15 years doing all kinds of customized items for companies, both in Asia and Europe.

A couple of years ago I decided to put together my experience developing products and my passion for design with the possibility of producing locally, in Spain, where there is a long tradition in leather products.

LACAMBRA was then conceived as a brand of design leather products that offers high quality minimalist leather products MADE IN SPAIN.
Every piece can be customized and you can choose and combine colours in a piece, and have your initials engraved. LACAMBRA is my mothers' family name and I decided to use it as my brand as a tribute to her who represents the values of the brand - elegance and simplicity.

LACAMBRA's products aim to be a must in your wardrobe and pieces to use in everyday life. For the design of LACAMBRA's first items I counted on fashion designer Rubén Gómez, who has a wide experience having worked at brands such as Loewe, Hazel, Desigual, Blanco or Pepe Jeans.
Working with Rubén has been a pleasure and since we started collaborating we have developed a good friendship. Now I also design some of the pieces, but always under Rubén's supervision. Hope you like them! Cris

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Spain’s economic climate is unstable at best, but businesswoman Cristina Alvarez Lacambra and designer Ruben Gomez are both optimists. That’s why they teamed up and founded LACAMBRA, an independent…
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