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The Story

Named after her late grandmother Kastur, Rajvi founded Kasturjewels. “Kasturjewels epitomize my grandmother's fundamental character: timeless, classic, dignified, fearless and powerful...

Indeed, I want a woman to feel just this, adorned in a Kasturjewel!” This tied in with heavy inspiration, dating back to 14th-15th century royal India and Persia, Kasturjewels been re-created in pieces that can be worn by the modern woman… Fixated by the fairy tale, glamorous and opulent lifestyles that thrived during this period, history is a fundamental part of each Kasturjewel. From the intricate wall carvings and paintings found on 15th Century palace walls, to the ornate domes that marked the places of birth and death of kings and queens long bygone, Rajvi has always been intrigued with heritage stories, design and art. She has build upon these influences together with her love for fashion and styling to create Kasturjewels.
Through time memorial, British aristocracy has been known to embrace jewels and design from this period. Kasturjewels revives design that has been appreciated here for centuries... but with a hint of modern classic! From the stone choice, to the intricate cut work on the base metal (silver or brass), attention to detail is the focus. A single Kastur jewel could take up to 8 hours to make.
There is an emphasis on grand and statement pieces, but those that are still simple enough to wear all the time. Kastur jewels have a regal, but unassuming feel. These contradictions in terms mean our collections always remain exciting! What”s even more satisfying about owning a Kasturjewel, is that a percentage of sales goes towards supporting a needy cause that we ourselves identify and manage, through our Kasturjewels Woman 2 Woman initiative.
Kastur pieces are designed in house at our studio in London by Rajvi Vora. Rajvi is a third generation Kenyan of Indian origin, who lives in London. She spent 8 years working in development and humanitarian initiatives in the most vulnerable and volatile parts of Kenya, East Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Her aim is to give back directly in a way that she can oversee funding to projects herself, through her creative arm: Kasturjewels and the Woman 2 Woman initiative. On the one hand, a woman gets to own a beautiful heritage-inspired jewel, embedded in history and glamour, at the same time she is helping improve another less privileged woman's life!

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