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Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

The Story

The company was founded by Iker Ortiz 8 years ago.
Formed by a group of goldsmiths, jewelers and designers of the highest level that build their pieces supported by the manufacturing industry and finished by hand, according to the standards of classic jewelry.
His workshop, tinged with mechanics, is comprised of the ancient arts of the old jewelers and new technology, allowing their designs endless possibilities.

The machines help us to achieve the desired accuracy, but the process is completely defined by the goldsmith’s work. IK produce limited series that allow us, with reasonable prices, to invest much time and energy in creating each of our pieces. IK seeks to contrast the banal and not very durable products around us with fine pieces of high quality with which you can enjoy the art of jewels every day. IK’s scale allows anyone interested to discover the development of unique pieces of all types, cost and uniqueness. Designing and manufacturing a custom piece of art.

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