Hop Skip & Flutter

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The Story

Hop Skip & Flutter by Suree and Jan. Suree and Jan's collaboration on jewellery began in 2010, a collaboration that came from their shared passion for jewellery design.
They combined their ideas into the new collections for Hop Skip & Flutter. The inspiration, which began when they were young, and have experienced again since moving to the UK, inspired them to create this first jewellery range, "Merry go round".

The range encompasses Jan & Suree's childhood memories and its vintage style twist, and they believe it will appeal to everyone young and old.
Hop Skip & Flutter designs are made of porcelain and each piece is individually painted by hand then finished with Swarovski crystals to add a luxurious touch.

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Hop Skip & Flutter combines happy memories with a fresh style to create nostalgic, whimsical jewelry. Designers Suree Wan and Jan Kae both grew up in Thailand, but didn’t meet until they arrived in London…
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