Parlour Scarf Honey Bee Neck Tie Autumn Glitter Dusk fine wool twill scarf Helen Ruth Gift Horse Magic Roundabout in Blue

Helen Ruth’s world is one of fairy tales and fantasy, a world we’d be thrilled to inhabit. Helen mixes her original illustrations with found images and enchanting colors, creating digital paintings she prints on spectacular scarves. She loves depicting characters that would be at home in fairy tales, though she gives these characters a bit of a twist: “I’m particularly fond of stories that have a slightly sinister or eerie undertone,” Helen says. “When I’m drawing the animals I’m thinking about how I can give them a bit of an edge and not make them too cutesy!” The results are spectacular depictions of mice, bees and other creatures gallivanting across silk in hyper-realistic colors. Helen’s home in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland, provides her with a beautifully wild setting she can populate with the creatures of her imagination. “A lot of my color palette is inspired by the colors of flowers or nature, but then I like to add something unexpected to give the design a modern or exciting look,” Helen says. “The colors of the scarf are just as important as the illustrative element, as this is what will draw someone to it.” Helen’s colorful scarves are delightful creations you’ll wear all year long.

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