gyamjo JEWELS

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan

The Story

gyamjo JEWELS was born out of this deep respect to my roots and identity - TIBET -
Being in jewellery business in Tokyo for last 17years and during this period while seeing and absorbing the fine arts , object and antique jewelleries in the museum around the world made me reconsider and think about my background. My desire to expressed the beauty of my tibetan culture and custom through the jewelleries grew stronger day by day.
Thus born the gyamjo JEWELS in 2010.

My jewelleries is my expression of what I am made of, it can be my language, my religion, my culture, my tradition and my custom. I am based in Tokyo and all my jewelleries are design and made in japan.

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“My jewelry is all about the beauty of my culture, my roots and my identity,” jewelry designer Gyamjo says. He was born in Nepal and raised in Nepal and India, where numbers, Buddhist monasteries and…
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