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Bologna, Italy Bologna, Italy

My dear friends. My store will be closed from the 20th of June to the 20th of July for wedding! :-) I will come back soon!

The Story

I studied as an architect in Florence and graduated in 2006, but I've always had a passion for making jewelry, probably since I was 6 or 7 years old! Starting from 2008, I decided to transform my passion into real work and for many years I used to work as architect during the day and as a jewelry designer during the night. In the last two years my dream has become the only protagonist of my professional life and I've started selling my collections in several boutiques in Italy.

I have my own atelier in the very center of Bologna, in the old Jewish ghetto, one of the most evocative parts of my city. All my ideas, sketches and unique pieces are born here, surrounded by the colors and sounds of my beautiful city.
I work on recovery leather, because I love the idea that such a precious material could have a second life. I personally design and realize all my unique pieces with all the passion that I have.
Many of my collections take shape during my travel experiences and art influences.
Right now I'm inspired by decadent atmosphere, especially after a long stay in the USA, San Francisco, where I had the chance to learn metalsmithing bases and to immerse myself in the perfect Victorian air. Everything that is decadent and tribal takes my attention. The project of the jewel is the most important thing for me because this gives me the opportunity to optimize my craft.
I hope that the principal thing that can be noticed looking at my work is the passion that I have for this incredible world.

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Though the transition from architect to jewelry designer is not necessarily an easy one, Bologna-based Giulia Boccafogli has made it look seamless. Her recycled leather creations are dreamy and original,…
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