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The Story

A Los Angeles native, Nikki Baker brings a fresh and thoughtful perspective to the world of jewelry design. Inspired by organic and oceanic forms around her in her California childhood, shaped by the elegant classicism of ancient architecture, and enlivened by the excitement and color of her exotic world travels, Baker’s collection is sophisticated yet whimsical, simultaneously delicate and strong- versatile, ladylike and inimitably luxurious.

Nikki earned her undergraduate degree at Stanford University where she studied classics, with an emphasis on classical Greek architecture and sculpture. These ancient forms are a fundamental influence on her design aesthetic. Nikki went on to earn Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She received training at Columbia and New York University. After completing her doctorate, she worked as an assistant professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and presently maintains an Honorary Appointment at University College London. While working as a Clinical Psychologist, Nikki found a passion for creating beautiful jewelry, and formally undertook the study of jewelry design and fabrication, which she pursues both in London and at F.I.T. and S.V.A. in New York City. When strangers on the streets of London, New York and L.A. repeatedly stopped her and asked to buy the pieces she was wearing, she decided to make her passion a full-time business; Gioielli was born. Her precision, attention to detail and commitment to superior quality reflect her training as an academic. Her fresh ideas and unexpected combinations of colors and materials speak to her unconfined, exuberant approach to jewelry design. Nikki Baker and her husband split their time between New York City and London.

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