Gabriela Ramirez Michel

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Hola¡¡¡, three new jewels this month, exclusively at Boticca for you.Thank you bella Salwa¡¡¡ Blessings for you.

The Story

My jewels are inspired by dreams, poems, fulfilled promises, birds, mermaids, butterfly-men, goddesses, and maybe… blood of a beloved heart.
I work freely, with no mental structures, nor a plan. I create instinctively, emotionally, vibrantly… in a way that is my very own. Like a secretion from the largest cave of my being. I aim to be a sculptor as well as a jewellery designer. I also design furniture, and interiors.

I am a Mexican woman born in Morelia Michoacán, and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco – yet nurtured by the breath of the ocean… I am primarily self taught. Ever since I was in my mothers womb, I was submerged in several artistic universes. I grew up wrapped in my father’s texts, words and hugs. In his strength and in his endless poetry. In watercolors shaped like a woman, in the scent of vanilla, and in the delicious flavor of Mexican cacao… I grew up in a warm nest, with my two sisters, wonderful and magical princesses. Feathered collars with marshmallows, rings made of twigs, and hardened clay, earrings made of dandelions that lasted only through the night, those were my beginnings. My pieces are unique and one of a kind, they are individual entities in each and every universe. There is no mass production involved. They are infinite beings filled with love. They can take you to timeless worlds, where anything can happen… this is what my jewellery holds inside. My pieces will hold your soul… I work with recycled and earth-friendly materials, with acknowledgment of the planet and love for Gaia. I was a disciple of Master Jorge Wilmot, until the very end (one of the most distinguished artisans and designers of México. Monterrey 1928-2012).

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