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The Story

Founded by a husband and wife team located in Madrid, Spain, Florenz is a new high fashion label that presents a collection of handmade silk and cotton/silk scarves for men and women in limited editions. Florence Bourgade is a French designer based in Spain. She and her husband David Sanz Frías developed Florenz to create a socially responsible accessory brand that encourages intercultural cooperation and supports local apparel industries.

Inspired by cultural and design diversity, Florence and David have been traveling to India to meet the best block-printers and artisans in Jaipur with the intention of applying traditional techniques such as hand-dyeing and block printing. Everything is made and done by hand: dye, prints (hand-print, screen and block prints), stitching. Florenz scarves feature eco-friendly ink.

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Designer spotlight

Can a single scarf take you on a journey across the globe? Florenz founders Florence Bourgade and David Sanz Frías certainly think so. Florence is a graphic designer by trade, but left her job to launch...
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