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The Story

I´m a spanish designer who enjoys small, nameless, simple moments in life because one day I looked back and discovered they were the big moments.
I graduated in Management and Business Administration in Madrid and completed my studies at a Business School in Bordeaux where I took a specialization in Marketing and Communication. I lived in USA and France for several years where I started to learn and get interested in fashion and design.

Born in a family with artistic talents, the numerous travels and family influence headed to a personal project development linked to design, creativity and art.
At the end of 2010, I decided to settle in Madrid and launch my own accessories brand along with Carlos Gómez, my husband and brand general manager. I´m continuosly striving to create charismatic, unique pieces that seduce and complete a romantic, dreamy and feminine look. Through my pieces, I try to recreate a poetic and magical atmosphere.
Flaska Laverne handbags are my creative expression and design allows me to show a small part of myself. Through my creations, I try to transmit soul, heart and sensibility, the three pilars which sustain my universe and are my sources of inspiration.
The result, handmade leather pieces that seduce and shine with their own light completing a chic, romantic and feminine look.
When I started my design project, my desire was to create timeless everlasting accessories that remind us the importance of small moments in life. This is why my design motto is “Handbags to keep Memories”. The high quality of materials and timeless design are key elements to prevent the aging process and obsolescence of handbags and make it possible to keep the charming look of first day.
I believe in the importance of craftsmanship and the support and sustainability of traditional ways of life. The handbags are manufactured by skilled leather artisans in Andalucia, spanish region of manufacturing excellence, where leather traditional techniques have been passed down over many generations.I hope you enjoy small, nameless, simple moments in life as much as I do every day.
I hope you start keeping your memories in Flaska Laverne handbags.

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Designer spotlight

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