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The Story

...My story or my history? I was born in Venice, I studied in Naples and I have lived and worked in Florence for more than thirty years … so I feel like a citizen of the world.

I resist stereotypes; my studies in medicine, education and industrial design (not completed) together with my self-taught training and various other occupations led me to acquire skills and work experience that fit no single job description: Designer, Photographer, Visual operator (…but also jewellery teacher at university level). I’m 55 years old. I have been creating jewellery since 1980 (…but not just jewellery) in the form of unique pieces or collections, using ancient techniques, modern technology in their freest and most painstaking experimentation.
…The free association of words and images is my source of inspiration.
I like to use both common and uncommon materials; whether for technical or artistic reasons every choice I make is deliberate, and I always seek to match creativity with function.
However, this does not prevent me from being happily empiric ...or paying attention to the randomness of certain events!
Above all, I get the greatest satisfaction in my work from handmade jewellery, smaller collections or unique pieces.
Some of my jewellery is in private or public collections (such as the Museo degli Argenti -Palazzo Pitti – Firenze) whilst some have featured in international books or magazines.
... Moreover I still haven’t exactly decided what to do when I grow up! My Crown jewels? My daughter and my wife.

THE STATE OF THINGS: “Thesis and antithesis: everything is by chance/nothing is by chance? …The space between the opposites is what really intrigues me”. I assertively define myself as 'differently abled', as I believe we are all unique. I am both the ‘maker’ and ‘tool’ ... of my destiny, which I accompany with my craft.
I am convinced that jewellery should suit the body and not vice versa, but I continually wonder if the opposite could also be true.
Reinventing jewellery – giving it other values and other charms and, at the same time, continuing to worry about if it is still wearable – is my strength as well as my weakness, and the temptation of exploring beyond the boundaries is really strong…
Living both in the world of art and commercial jewellery production is my natural milieu, my territory touches the borders of art, handicrafts and design. I like to seek out the illusive boundary line where everything meets ...as a tightrope walker eternally looking for a balance or like a philosopher in search of understanding.
Simplicity and complexity are my keywords and so emotionally I leave to my hands and my mind full freedom of action.…I hope you will enjoy surfing on the wave of my work!
Federico Vianello

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